As Fall 2016 approaches, our athletic program continues to build off the great strides we made last school year. Community members will have the pleasure of watching our students participate in Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, and possibly Softball for this upcoming school year. We have much work still to be done but with the help of parents, faculty, and community leaders, we should build our Athletic program back to a respectable level.

I will continue to update this athletic page with as much information as I can. Make sure to have physicals on file for your child here at the school ASAP. They are needed for sports participation. As your son/daughter signs up for a sport, we will keep your family up to date with insurance, emergency forms, schedules, and anything else your son/daughter might need for the upcoming season. Please contact me for any questions/concerns.

Thank You!

Tray Crusciel, Athletic Director

269-764-3701 ext. 3784